Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Amazing Race - Valentines Edition

For a fun Valentines date this year a group of girls and I planned an Amazing Race.

I had a good time, I hope everyone else did too!

The wives didn't tell our husbands anything about what we were doing. Then we all just dropped them off on the church steps all by themselves. After all 8 got there, I came around in my "amazing race mobile" and told them:

Welcome to the Amazing Race-Valentine Edition. You were each brought here by your lovely, adoring, beautiful, smart, sexy, and talented wives. Who knew you’d be up for a challenging Valentines Day adventure.

I must now take any money and wallets that you have on you. (they did not like this part :)

Here are your funds for this leg of the race… use them wisely. (they had a bag of $2 in change, mostly pennies)

Here is your video camera.You must make a video of the events and each member of the team must be in the video

Good luck Boys, here’s your first clue. You may begin the race at the sound of the whistle.

We sent them all around town.

1st to the Sunrise office, where they had to find their "uniform" (a suit, shirt, and tie) which were hidden around the office.

2nd to Family Dollar, where they had to buy their wonderful wives a gift!

3rd to Katy's Hair Salon where they were SUPPOSED to just do their hair, you know gel-comb-water. But several including my husband buzzed their hair super short or buzzed Mohawks. Tyler even had some (awesome?) steps buzzed in. Clearly I should have thought about removing all scissors and clippers...

4th to the elementary school where my mom gave them a "are you smarter than a 5th grader" test, then they made us a card.

5th they went to the high school and had to find the last clue, which was taped to the top row of the football bleachers.

Last they came to our house, where the wives had all been together making dinner.

We all had fun hanging out waiting for them.

We watched the video they made of it while we ate dinner. And I think the guys had fun too

Thanks everyone for coming, like I said, I hope you had a good time!

I got the idea from a cute date blog called "Love, actually"


morgan said...

I love that blog! I have done so many cute things for my hubby that she's posted! You are so crafty and cute! It sounds like you had a great time!

Kim said...

Looks like alot of fun..such a cute idea :)

April Hutchins said...

Sally I had so much fun! Thanks for inviting us! I saw that blog on yours just the other day it is so much fun!

Lori said...

I think that is super cute. What a great idea :-)

gregandjaime said...

Ha ha! How fun! You are always doing such fun things. Now I know how Tyler got his hair cut the way he did!

Trimbles said...

So I want to know what he got you from teh dollar store?

Wardle77 said...

So fun Sally thanks! We want your recipes from the evening! Lets do it again! -Danelle

Lorna said...


What a great summary of the evening! That was fun! Thanks for inviting us. I do want the recipe for the Sweet Potatoes!

We also enjoyed the temple trip, well, before you ditched us! :)