Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Our Valentine's Festivities..

I love Valentines Day! We had a good one, Lance sent me this great big vase full of beautiful Lily's!

In the morning Lance took the boys with him to do chores and let me sleep in. When they got back I had their Valentines presents all ready for them. We also had pink (and heart shaped) blueberry muffins for breakfast but I didn't take a picture (gasp!)

It is hard to find decent Valentine shirts for little boys! But I did find these at last, the little owl is saying "be mine" amd obviously they have their names on them.

I had to include a picture of the valentines that they gave to friends, I thought they turned out so cute!


Glen's Family of TEN said...

Sally you are an AMAZING mom! How do you find the time? Your kids must have a pair of pj's for every holiday too. They are always picture perfect. What do you expect when they have a photographer for a mom?

Dani said...

Awe! That's adorable! Great job with the holiday pics - your kids are so photogenic - if I took more pictures of my boys, maybe they would be too... *shakes head* Glad you had a great holiday! Beautiful flowers!

Keiauni said...

Catching up with the Sagers:)

Your blog is so cute, you are so creative, and I wish I lived by you, because you are having so much fun!!! Wanna come back to T town?

The boys are so handsome:)

sarahblad said...

i luv valentines too! u r so cute with ur boys!