Sunday, February 7, 2010

Love, Layton...

I few days before Lance's birthday I told Layton that it was daddy's birthday soon. Right away he said that he NEEDED to make him a card.

So he worked and worked at coloring and stapling shut (not my idea) his little card. Then he wanted to sign it. I usually have him write the L then I write the rest, but I thought that I would try to have him right it all.

So while I held his hand to steady it, but wasn't moving his hand for him. I would say "wright an A, it's a circle with a line, now write a T, a line with a cross..." for his whole name.
He did such a good job, I didn't even know that he could do it.

Layton sure gives me heartburn sometimes, but I love him to death and can't believe that I have such a sweet and special little boy.

(the first line is the first L his wrote, after he saw it he said "oh no, I need to start over" and then wrote another L next to it :)