Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Halloween 2011... Powers Rangers UNITE!

Halloween was a little different this year. Lance has been working out of town for a few months and just comes home for Sundays. So, being as Halloween was a weekday it was just me and the kids.
I was helping with the Elementary school carnival, so we spent the morning there and to say it was wild would be an understatement (note to school, no bouncy slide next year PLEASE)

But it was a lot of fun, and the boys enjoyed it.
We had to take the annual picture on the front steps. The boys both wanted a rocket carved into their pumpkins, Lance's was a carrot (???) and mine was an eyeball.

Parker kept all the pieces, and insisted that they all be puzzled back into his pumpkin until nighttime when we put the candle in.

The boys started watching the new show "Power Rangers Samurai" this year and so when it came time to choose costumes, there wasn't much debate :)

Lance would have been the black power ranger, I was the pink, Sugar the green, and Ginger was yellow (she was to naughty to come to our ward trunk or treat though!)

It was a gorgeous day, and our ward did our trunk or treat early. It was so nice!

They usually do a dinner, but this year there was hot cocoa and doughnuts for a snack. It was actually way better though, I feed them a good meal before we went, so they didn't eat candy on an empty stomach and it worked out really well.

Flowell's truck or treat worked out to be right after ours, so again it was perfect. The kids did a little costume parade, and then went around to all the cars.
My cute parents were Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia :)

Round two of doughnuts and hot cocoa (my Dad had always claimed to not like candy, but at Halloween he is the worst one to steal from the kids bags :)

After the trunk or treats, we went to my parents for dinner. Then baths, Jammies, and regular 8oclock bedtime for the kiddos.

Our pumpkins all lit up for the night.

It was so nice to have an early start, and doing the two trunk or treats we didn't have to go around to any houses. I hope next year is exactly the same! Exceptt we missed you Lance, it wasn't the same without you (but nothing is).


Mudrow Memories said...

Your boys are so adorable! And so grown up! :)