Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Leaf Jumping (and a little raking too)...

I have been in such a slump, just super busy with work and Lance is out of town. I haven't had the motivation to do the fun things with the boys that I usually do. So on a warm afternoon (with it supposed to snow the next day) I knew it was our last chance to get the leaves raked up.
I am so glad that I took the time to spend this afternoon with my darling boys, I love their personalities and I am so sad for the moments that I know I  missed during my down time. I hope I can be better!

If I promise we can take a silly one, they are good to take a few cute ones too :)

Out of focus, but Layton was making Parker bend down in the leaves and then he would run and jump over him. Parker is such a sport :)

I love these boys with all my heart.


Brenda said...

Such beautiful pictures, Sally!