Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Zoo Lights...

I took the boys up to Hogle Zoo for the "Zoo Lights" that they do. It was so so cold, but they loved it and were really excited to run around the zoo seeing the lights and the animals.

Its not a trip until I have purchased a souvenir that costs more than the ticket it get in :)

Santa and his reindeer were there! The boys weren't interested in seeing Santa, but they did really like seeing the reindeer :)

They were sure there was a witch living in this gingerbread house :)

We took a little ride on the carousel, I was really surprised that they choose this to sit in. Rather than an individual animal for them each to ride. They said they wanted us all to sit together, awe :)

It was a fun little evening. I love this time of year!


4 Hare said...

I am so envious! You and your darling family are always finding wonderful, fun things to do together:)