Sunday, February 8, 2009

Bath Time

I have never been the type of mom that thinks bath time pictures are appropriate. Really regardless of age, but my boys are just too darn cute in the tub. So I am sharing our bath pictures.

Parker is so chubby and funny.

And Layton will play forever and is such a hoot to watch and listen to.

I sure love these cute, ( and clean :) boys


Keiauni said...

They are so cute.

Makes me boys are so BIG now. It makes me happy when I hear how much you are enjoying them "being little."

...two boys is a blast:)

Dani and Jimmy said...

How adorable- yes, bath time pictures are questionable but they really have so much fun it makes it too cute to resist- if taken in a discreet appropriate way. :) Love it.

Trimbles said...

I just love Parkers little ears :) FYI, I got the pics today. Just looked through them once quickly, I'll digest them better this weekend. But they look great so far :) Thanks again for taking them.