Saturday, February 14, 2009

We love Valentines Day!

We had a really fun day. Seriously I love Valentines Day so much!

Lance sent me these very pretty Gerber Daisy's, along with other gifts.

When the boys woke up we had heart-shaped french toast with purple (supposed to be pink) yummy syrup. Layton was excited that it was a heart.

After breakfast the boys opened their valentines gifts from us, well mostly Layton opened all the gifts. But Parker still had fun.
After, we played with their new toys and just had a relaxing really nice day. My parents watched the kids for a few hours while Lance and I went out, which was so nice. Hope you all had a great one too!


The Bryan Family said...

So seriously, are you the most talented person ever? Your pictures rock. If you need some more practice let me know and I will bring Kael.:) We need to plan a get together know that I am in Delta. Call me!!!

Dani and Jimmy said...

How sweet! I didn't make valentine's so eventful...we actually had jameson babysat in the evening so we could go out to dinner but then the wait to eat out was going to be 45 min. We picked up some french bread, picked up jameson again, went home and jimmy made a nice dinner. we ate at 9 pm after jameson was in bed.