Sunday, February 1, 2009

Parkers #1 Favorite Thing

Parker's very favorite thing to do is play in the dishwasher, he absolutely LOVES it. One day I was sitting on the couch holding Parker while he drank his bottle, Lance was doing dishes and when he opened up the dishwasher Parker THREW his bottle and crawled over as fast as he could. He will play forever, loading and unloading (a clean dishwasher, by the way :). Normally Parker plays alone and Layton will rinse dishes, but last night Layton couldn't stand to let Parker have all the fun without him!

(By the way, I know Layton needs a haircut. He has an appointment for Wednesday)


Dani and Jimmy said...

Hehe- oh, but the messy curls are so cute! :) That's great! Just don't let them ever have your cell phone involved during this kind of playtime! (or money for that matter!) :) Yeah, it never recovered, by the way.

Butler Family said...

That's funny. My baby just turned one on the 24th and he does crazy stuff like that except he loves to eat dog food and play in the toilet!!