Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lake Powell 2011

Ahhhhhhhhhhh, Lake Powell I have missed you!!!

We went to Lake Powell with my parents in July. Normally we go on our house boat, my parents actually haven't stayed on the beach for 14 years (we have been too spoiled!). But this year the houseboat timing didn't work out, so we just camped on the beach and guess what?.... We loved it! I loved sleeping in our tent, and sitting by the water, and on an on, there were a few critters I could have done without. But it was an amazing time!

We went with my parents, of course our family of 4, my nephews Austin, Devin, and Isaac, and my niece Katie.

 Yay, were here! We got a saweet beach spot!

 Parker was ready for the water in his goggles :)

 He tried the ski board (twice) and it didn't work out for him this time :( He was so brave to try, I know he'll be able to do it next summer.

 My mom LIVES for skiing at Lake Powell!

 What a crew!

 After we came home, Parker told me that his favorite part of Lake Powell was swimming with Katie :)

 Layton and Isaac are the best of friends, they were totally inseparable the whole trip.

 Parker and Katie were pretty much inseparable too, thank for being such a great cousin Katie!

 Rock jumping, Layton is in the bottom corner. That is about as high up as he and Parker dared go :)

 I got a new camera that is waterproof, it was fun to take it with me swimming and be able to get pictures in the water.

 Are we to this stage already??? The boys were silly for every picture we tried to take of all of us...

 Parker caught the first fish of the trip (a carp) and named it "biggest fish ever" as in, he walked around carrying it in the net and talking to it saying things like "do you want to go in the water for a minute, biggest fish ever?" it was so cute.

 One of the aforementioned critters was a rattle snake. It was huge, and I am so thankful we were all safe.

 Layton caught a fish the next morning, but wouldn't hold it :)

Austin, Layton, and Isaac rode the banana clear to our "shade up" spot for lunch.

"Shading up" just means that we drive to the end of a canyon, where is is shady, and drop anchor, eat lunch, read books, and let the kids swim and play for a few hours. Until the hottest part of the day is over.

 My cute Hubbsters is (annoyingly) great at everything he tries to do. Wakeboarding is one of those things :)

Layton was so cute riding the ski board. He went very first, to show the other kids how it was done. He was doing tricks the whole time :)

Lake Powell, I miss you already. We'll be back next summer!!!


Dani said...

What a blast! I want to have a boat and do these kinds of fun stuff at the lake too someday....sighs.

Trimbles said...

So wish I could have been there! Im glad there was a spot still in the bay. And that green water... sigh. And I cant believe that Layton is big enough to ride the banana for that long!!!! Holy smokes how they grow fast.