Tuesday, May 14, 2013

We Went to Holland!! (day 10 and surprise day 11)

Day 10 (Sunday):
We got up Sunday morning a finished getting ready to go :( Got everything packed up and headed to the airport.

They had a full size plane cockpit and a few seats, and one of the engines there in the middle of the airport. The boys would have spent way more time there but we were nervous about being late.

Last meal together

We said a hard and tearful good bye to Nana and Pop and headed in through a maze of security checks. After our final check we were in a room and stuck there until it was time to board, luckily there was a bathroom :)

 Finally boarded the plane for our big ride back

this was about 4 hours in to the flight ...

We had another really good flight. Everyone around us was amazed at how good the boys all were the whole time. 
We had an almost 6 hour layover scheduled in Washington DC to stop and see my sister Suzie, and her cute family. We only see them maybe once a year, so we couldn't pass up the chance to visit. 

We met them at the air and space museum. The boys loved seeing a ton of planes, an actual space shuttle, all the different kinds of missiles, and a bunch of other stuff.

Space shuttle "Discovery" was there, it has been on 37 missions to space. The pictures do not do justice to how huge and amazing it was to see.

Suzie, meeting Nix for the first time :)

We went our fro pizza after and literally drug the kids away from the arcade.

They dropped us back off at the airport, we said goodbye, and rushed in to find our gate. See the white rectangle with red words, in the middle, halfway down on the right??? Yes, that was our flight... canceled!!

Our plane had mechanical problems and the next flight out wasn't until the next day at 5 at night! They put us in a really nice hotel and we tryed to make the best of it and planned to go tour around DC the next day.

Surprise Day 11 (Monday):
We were again on a major time change, so I was up (and super tired!) about 3am with the boys.

Of course we didn't have our regular luggage and no food for Nix, so I had to make a cab run to walmart. It was 6 miles away and the trip took over an hour, I hate cabs and traffic!

While we didn't have our luggage, we did have a million carry-ons to get us through our long flights. So we got ready and set out on our surprise day in DC.

The Washington Monument

The Lincoln Memorial

The most loaded down stroller there ever was, with the happiest and best baby ever. Really it could have been fun, but all the bags made it pretty miserable. We tried hard to keep a good attitude though.

The White House is in the distance, it was so far to walk and we just weren't up to it. Haha, Layton HAD to do the thumbs down in any picture that had to do with Obama :)

We waited for our shuttle to pick us up and had lunch on the grass in front if the Smithsonian.

The Capital building

And finally back to the airport again! I was amazed at how good Nix was the whole trip, this was right before our millionth time through security and he was just so so good.

Finally to our gate, to find out our flight is DELAYED!!! The computer system was down and they needed to update it via, get this... FLOPPY DISK!?! 3 hours later, they finally switched us to another plane.

Once we finally got on the actual plane, the flight attendants were really nice and took the boys up to the cock pit to meet the pilot and sit in the co-pilot seat. 

A 4 hour flight later and we were finally back in Salt Lake City. That last flight was the hardest of them all for the boys (and Lance and I!). We were all just so tired, I have never been happier to see my car!

The last day of the trip aside we had an AMAZING time. We are so blessed to have been able to provide this trip for our little family. I am so lucky to have such wonderful parents to visit and try to follow their example. The bar is set pretty high!!!

(Side note, if you read all 11 days you are a trooper. That was so many pictures. Good Job!!!)


Lori said...

Sally I had fun reading all 11 days. It looks like an amazing trip. That is so neat that you were able to take your whole family there and visit your parents. How Fun!!!!