Tuesday, May 14, 2013

We Went to Holland!! (day 8 and 9)

Day 8 (Friday( : 
We went to visit the Stok's, they are a couple that was actually in Fillmore last summer at the arts festival. Someone found out they lived in Holland and got their info, eventually it got to my parents and they decided to see if they could find where the Stok's live. They looked it up and they live not 5 minutes away from each other. Small small world... They are such a sweet little couple, we had some tea and visited with them until the boys had had all they could take of being polite and quiet :)

I love waking up to see this boys no matter where I am :)

 Everything is smaller in Europe!

 Windmills we passed on the way to see the temple.

 After lunch we drove in to Zoetermeer to see the temple, and walked around the grounds.

We walked over to Zoetermeer's "mall" and walked along the streets shopping and eating. To use the bathroom anywhere you either need to pay 50cents or buy something, the door will not open unless you put money in it or get a token when you buy something. 
We were cold and their hot chocolate is so so good, so we would buy hot chocolate to go to the bathroom :) I feel like we spent at least half of the trip looking for bathrooms! 

They have a lot of art sculptures around, there was a little section of some sculptures that are for kids to play on.

Panekoken lunch break, yum!

We drove back to the mission home and my Mom and I walked to the grocery store and bakery. Then walked home along the big canal back to may parents. It is so so pretty, I cant believe my parents live 1 minute away from this!

Back home and the boys are wrestling again :)

They had even borrowed a crib for Nix to use while we were there, he is such a good baby.

Day 9 (Saturday):
We went back in to Delft Saturday morning. Every Saturday, in every centrum there is a big open market full of flower shops, and cheese, and bakeries, and clothes, and meat, and nuts, and fish, and and and!

The canal along this street is right up against the houses, what if the water rises 6 inches?!?

Holland is famous for the stroopwaffles, they are a warm, thin, crispy waffle that they cut in half and put caramel inside. Of course we had to stop and get a few! So good! 

An organ grinder in the road, the boys gave him a tip and he danced around to the music :)

They have a fried fish that I cant remember what its called, my Dad stood in the big line to get us all some (he is in the light greenish coat) again, it was super yummy.

After we were finished shopping and touring around Delft, we went back to the mission home and the Easter bunny had come! The boys had a great time hunting around my parents backyard for all their Easter things.

That evening there was an Easter concert that the missionaries were singing in, it was a little long for the boys, but really nice. It was so fun to meet a lot of the Elder's and Sister's that my parents talk about all the time, we loved meeting everyone. My parents have such a great group of missionaries! 

Back home that night to pack our bags and get ready to leave in the morning :(