Tuesday, May 14, 2013

We Went to Holland!!! (day 7)

Day 7 (Thursday) We went in to Kinderdijk. It is a preserved section of how Holland used to be all over. There were 19 windmills within a mile square, all pumping water through the canals.

 Even in Holland they have those penny squisher things, but you use a 5 cent Euro (they don't have any 1 cent coins)

We toured through one of the windmills. They had these wooden shoe/rubber boots. Lance had been wondering how they kept there feet dry in all the water! I guess that's what farmers think about in Holland :)

(view from the top)

I almost didn't do it because it was so cold, but I really wanted to take the boy's spring pictures here. I mean, how could I pass that up?! So we did the fastest little picture session there ever was, these boys are so patient with me!

I'm so glad I toughened up and did it, I think they turned out so cute!

After pictures we went in a little store there and got hot chocolate (dutch hot chocolate is so so good, and it came with them yummiest little cookies!) There was the nicest man running the store and he kept bringing the boys special treats and stickers and things.
We went and watched a little movie about Kinderdijk and headed home. On the way the gps lead us to a road that seemed to head into a huge canal and said "board the ferry" so we drove on to a ferry, it took us across, and we just drove off. How neat! 
After we got home I went with my Mom down to the grocery store a bakery to get dinner for the night. I had a "tom pous" at the bakery, it was kind of an elcair sort of thing. So so good, I'm glad they aren't in America or I would weigh 500 pounds!

My parents watched the boys for us that night, and Lance and I drove into the centrum by my parents house to have a little date night. We found a restaurant  and the waiter spoke English but they menu was in dutch. So he had to read the whole thing to us! They don't tip in Holland, but I would of left him a great big tip if they did :)

We got home and it was just like old times, the kids were bathed and in jammies and having a "popcorn party" with Nana and Pop, watching "The Best Two Years" (a movie about missionaries in Holland)

We have missed this so much!!!