Tuesday, May 14, 2013

We Went to Holland!!! (day 3 & 4)

Day 3 of our Holland trip was Sunday, my parents were scheduled to speak in Leeuwarden. Which is a 2 hour drive away. It was fun to drive across Holland and see the beautiful country, and it was so much fun to listen to my parents both speak (in Dutch!) they did a great job. We had a few people translate for us. It was fun to hear them interpret what my parents were saying. Of course everyone loves them and is so happy and grateful for the job that they are doing.
The boys went to primary, and a lot of the leaders speak English but the meetings and lesson were all in Dutch. The boys did great and tried hard to understand what was going on :) The ward had a lunch together after church was over. It was ... different, but fun :) 

We drove back to my parents house and just spent the rest of the afternoon together. The boys played dominoes, and wrestled with Pop (they have missed their wrestling matches so much!)

My Mom made us such a yummy dinner of the best Salmon I have ever had! Yum!

The boys showed Nana and Pop videos of their wrestling matches

Baths in Nana's sink 

Day 4 (Monday) was super cold and windy so we wanted to do some indoor things.
We went to Den Hagg to a fun dome theater, and watched "The Living Sea"  It was funny because it was playing over the speakers in Dutch, but we had headphones that were playing it in English, and the English was the real words and narration that went with the movie. The boys loved it and it was actually really neat.

We drove to Delft while we were out. We pulling into this parking garage and I had to take a picture, it was the cleanest nicest parking garage I have ever seen. The floor was painted and shiny... it was crazy. The Dutch are really clean, organized people.

Every city has a centrum, with a big church in the middle and a square around it with shops and stuff. It was fun to walk around and see it all. 

There are canals everywhere. I always imagined one big canal that kind of windes around. But there are hundreds of separate canals everywhere, then the windmills lift the water from one canal to the next and on and on until the water is finally at sea level and heads out to the ocean, 

We got back home and it was just fun to be there with my parents and watch them get to know Nix, he loved them right from the start and just got more and more attached.

Loved this!