Tuesday, May 14, 2013

We Went to Holland!!! (day 5 and 6)

Day 5 (Tuesday) We went to Volendam to a cheese factory. I don't even like cheese but it was fun to watch how they make it. Then they had a ton of different kinds to sample, it was actually really good and we ended up buying a bunch :)

Next to the cheese factory was a place that they make wooden shoes

The boys were really into it and were excited to pick out a pair of wooden shoes to bring home.
I'm just realizing now that I didn't take any pictures of them with the shoes they picked out :(

Of course my Dad is a true missionary, and talked to our cashier and got her name and address to send the missionaries to her house. He did that with most of the people that we met, the whole time we were there :)

We drove in to their centrum and found a fast food place. The boys got chicken nuggets and they came with a sweet chili sauce to dip them in. Then fries that came with a tiny little fork, apparently the Dutch eat their fries with a fork... By the way, everyone got so sick from this about an hour later. I was glad I ate something different!

We toured a museum and they had a section they had made a ton of murals and things out of cigar labels. super random, but it was pretty cool.

When my Dad was a missionary here 40 years ago he and a few other elders got their picture taken in old Dutch costumes. So we set out to see if we could do that too.

Success!! Haha kind of funny, but we had a good time :)

Day 6 (Wednesday) We tried to leave early that morning, and drove in to the mission office

 (the mission home, and our awesome van :)

 and rode the train through Harlem and in to Amsterdam. 

 (the train station)

(another bike garage)

We decided to do a canal tour through Amsterdam's main canal.

There are houseboats parked along the canal. There are only 1000 spots, and they are very coveted, how fun would that be to live in a house boat on the Amsterdam canal?!

The canals are just lined with row after row of houses and buildings like this. Most are just the width of a door and a window or 2, but then are about 5 stories tall.

A lot of them said the date they were built, this one was 1616. My Mom has seen one that was in the 1400's  clear before Columbus discovered America. This whole country is so historic and neat to see.

That evening we went back to my parents and met up with a family they have become friends with, the Kuins. They have 3 little girls, it was fun to meet them, and have some tea and dessert. (we drank lots of tea, herbal of course :)