Monday, May 5, 2008

Photo Shoot

Last Monday April 28th we made a trip to Tooele to get our family , Parker's newborn, and Layton's 18 month pictures done. Our very good friend Jamie Broderick is a photographer and did a great job. Layton didn't have a nap all day, but he did really well, considering.
Thanks Jamie!!!


Fowkes said...

Such a cute family!! I love the newborn pics-we never got any thing like that and now I wish we did!! We'll have to come see you guys soon!!

Julie said...

Hi Sally, it's Julie KC's wife. I've been into blogs lately since my friends have them, then I ran across yours. I've been debating about starting one but I haven't yet. Your pictures of your family are so cute! And you new baby is sooo adorable. Hope everything is well with you guys.

Jamie said...

Sally, it was really fun doing your pictures and Parker is the most beautiful baby boy! We miss seeing you more often!