Sunday, August 24, 2008

Big Weekend

We just got home from a very big weekend. On Friday night we drove to Lance's parents house and stayed with them because Lance was a groomsman for his cousin Cody's wedding that was on Saturday, so we were at the ceremony, lunch, and reception most of Saturday.
But oh no, our day was not done, I of course had a large list of errands to do and we neglected to bring our stroller so we went through several stores in the mall carrying the boys. Layton walked some of the time but he would run away, so it was just easier to carry him (kind of) :) Then on to Wal-Mart. After Wal-Mart we were supposed to go to another wedding reception but the errands had taken so long (which was my fault, sorry again honey) that we missed the reception. So we drove to Lance's brother Devin's house about 45 min away from where we were and drug ourselves through the door. The kids were so excited to see each other and were VERY wound up.
Then Sunday we went to church with Devin and Ashley, and stayed for their son Tanner's 2nd birthday party. Then after a big day. We got in the car to finally come home. Layton is starting to travel really well, he watches movies and is happy but Parker HATES his car seat. He screams, not soft sweet baby cries, actual screams. He cried for the entire 2 hour drive home. There was maybe 10 min of combined non crying time. And because he was crying, Layton couldn't hear his movie so he didn't do as well, needless to say... I was very glad to see our house and I took some Tylenol when we got here. Parker was exhausted and zonked out right away. But Layton was super excited to be home and was running around everywhere. Lance said "are you happy to be home?" and so the rest of the night he has been saying "Happy, Home. Happy, Home" it was so cute. But he was so wound up Lance is still downstairs right now trying to get him to go to sleep.
Anyway, I don't think we will be taking the kids anywhere for quite a while. It is SO not worth it. We did have a good weekend, if you don't count the driving time. :)


Fowkes said...

It was great to catch up on what you guys been doing!! I feel so bad we never got together and now I am back in Logan-sorry my fault!! Kids in cars--I must say Kaydon has never really had a problem so I just cross my fingers it will continue!! Sounds like it was a fun trip!! I have done the whole leaving the stroller thing and I must say Kaydon is not that light to pack around!! I just finished Breaking Dawn as well and LOVED it!! I feel your sadness in having it be over!! Have you read THE HOST!! It's also a good read but very different!! Also the movie is coming out early on Nov. 21sT!! YAY!!

Jack & Ashley Waters said...

It's Ashley Abegglen! I found your blog from Casey's! Your boys are so big and cute! We have a blog!