Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sitting Up

Parker has just started to sit up, he doesn't get a lot of opportunities to practice because every time I put him down on the floor Layton mauls him to death. So, Parker and I are slowly working on it during Layton's nap time. Anyway, he is getting good at it. He loves to be able to sit up and see everything and he is getting so frustrated that he can't just go and play with Layton. Oh no, another sweet baby growing up on me!


Julie and KC said...

So cute!

Trimbles said...

It kills me how much he looks like you. What a darling boy. As for him growing up, when my friends 3rd baby started to walk, she would purposefully trip her to keep her down just a little while longer. I dont think there was any permanent damage, it was funny though :)