Saturday, August 9, 2008

Pat Myself on the Back

So, I just want to give myself a little shout out. I, like the rest of the world am reading the Twilight books and of course love them. Well yesterday the fourth book Breaking Dawn arrived in my mailbox and as much as I wanted to dive in and just obsess and devour it. No I did not. I resisted and let my mom, who is also into Twilight, take it out of my anxious hands and read it while we are away on vaycay this weekend. Why, would I do such a CRAZY thing? Well, my mom starts school on Monday and then there goes any free book reading time. Anyway, just had to get some affirmation from you all that I am a wonderful, selfless person. :)


Matt and Jamie Broderick said...

You are wonderful and extremely selfless! I have not started the series yet but from what I understand you made a huge sacrifice. Right on Sally, you deserve to go on a cruise with some really fun people!

Trimbles said...

Im shocked! I cant believe mom is so into them... Im still just laughing. I know dad read the host but did he read these too? HAHAHAHAHA. And yes, you were good. I was good too and tried to finish before our little get away this weekend, but christopher was so nice and let me finish it on the trip, I only had like 50 pages left. It would have killed me. But I put it down until he said it was ok for me to read it :) Im anxious to get your opinion.

The Bryan Family said...

Hey Sally this is Casey. I am in the groove of things now and I have my own blog. I added yours to mine and I am loving that we can stay up to date with you and your cute little boys. Can't wait to stay in touch.