Monday, August 18, 2008

Laytons New Room!

We tried to have the boys share a room because there is only 1 room on the main floor with the Master bedroom. But it is just not working the boys are waking each other up and I am having a hard time with it. So, we moved Layton into his own room in the basement. I was reluctant because it is so far away but Layton LOVES it! He was so excited while we got it set up, he climbed into his bed with his clothes and shoes and everything and said "night, night." I think he would have gone to sleep right then, but I made him change into pajamas. He was still excited afterwards though and slept great. He feels so big and loves to put things away in the special spot that they go in. What a little boy!


Robinson Family said...

Way to go Sally on moving him downstairs! He looks so proud of his new room:) And I can't believe that your little boy isn't so little any more! They grow up so fast.

Dani and Jimmy said...

That's great! I hope Jameson goes through transitions with a new baby as well. I'm concerned about them waking each other up too so we'll see what happens.