Saturday, April 17, 2010


On our California trip it didn't make any sense to go all that way and not stop in at Disneyland for a day, besides that some of our best Friends were there already.

So we meet up with Matt and Jamie and their cute girls and had a really fun time. I love Disneyland, I'll never turn down a chance to go!

We went at the perfect time, it was warm but not at all hot, and right before the spring season so there was a lot less people then I have ever seen.

The first ride we went on was Autotopia, I know for sure that I have waited 2 hours in that line on more than one occasion, we waited for FIFTEEN minuets!!! Layton and Parker both got to drive a car by themselves (with Lance and I pushing on the gas for their short little legs :)

If you can't tell, Layton was super excited about his drivers license

We had been watching "The Sword in the Stone" or as Layton calls it "Who is strong enough to pull the sword out?" a lot, so the boys were pumped to see the sword right there in the middle of the park!

The Carousel is the most simple ride there, but was one of their favorites :)

Layton just barely barely met the height requirement for splash mountain, so i decided to take him on it...

um yeah, he did not love it :)

Really he was okay until the end, which is of course the huge drop off. He saw it coming and freaked out!

I am so mad that this guy put his hand up EXACTLY over Layton's little face, I would love to see what his expression was.

After such a big day (and no desire to stand in lines to meet the characters) we took the boys to Goofy's Kitchen, which is a restaurant in the Disneyland hotel that has all the characters come around to your table.
Big mistake, they HATED HATED HATED it! Lance told me that we will not do something like that again until both boys are okay with sitting on Santa's lap. "If they can deal with Santa, they can deal with Mickey" is his thoughts.... He is probably right :)

We didn't want to leave on such a bad note so we headed back the park for one more spin on buzz light year (their favorite)

And went over to California adventure to go on the toy story ride that I hadn't ever been on, super cool by the way!
Whew! If you made it through that whole long thing I am impressed! Just wanted to document the fun :)


Dani said...

Awe! What cuties! Yeah, I think it would be insane to take my boys on rides like that - you were brave! But Disneyland is a blast - I hope we can go there sometime soon!

Lori said...

I love the splash mountian pictures. I think we took Audrey on that ride like 10 times. Laytonis so cute. That is how Audrey felt about the tower of terror. What cute pictures. I love Disneyland.

Chad and Mackenzie said...

The picture of Layton crying after splash mtn.-That's so sweet and funny at the same time. Hopefully he'll forget that one, or at least the last part:) I remember I was scared of that one too!

sarahblad said...

Way fun! I have never been to Disneyland yet