Thursday, April 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Parker!!!

I can't understand how time has flown by and my baby is 2 today!!!

(His big party will be on Saturday, but I had to do something today on his actual birthday... So he got a birthday muffin :)

Parker has such a sweet little personality. You can't help but just love him.

A few things he is doing right now...

- any time you say "I love you" to him, he says right back "I lub ew too!" (I love you to)

- is such a talker and wants to be as big as his brother

- loves to read books but only if he picks them out himself!

- at night we have to sing: "5 speckled frogs", then "5 little ducks", then "monkeys in the tree", then the "ABC's", and after all that he says "crib" and gets in his crib and lays down and goes to sleep.

- he loves Ginger (our little dog) and every morning says "me do, me do!" and runs to the door to let her out (or in, depending on how nice I was to her the night before :)

- loves "Dora the Explorer" he always requests "dowa and boots!" (Dora and boots)

I love this little boy so much and can't express what a privilege it is to be his mommy.

I Love You Park Man, happy birthday!!!


Jason and Candice said...

Its so cute all the little things they make us do! My girls get to pick out a couple songs every night of Brecklyns is ALWAYS "happy happy" (happy birthday) then she wants to go to bed as well. Happy birthday Parker!!

The Park Family said...

Happy Birthday Parker! Sally you have the cutest boys and you are the cutest mommy! Hope you guys are doing well.

morgan said...

Happy birthday Parker! Can I just tell you that Brielle LOVES Dora and Go Go (Go Diego Go) I'm getting so sick of them, so maybe I'll send her over to your house! =) I can't wait to see how his party turns out! Knowing how cute and crafty you are it will be great!

Chad and Mackenzie said...

Yay! happy birthday Parker! He's growing so so fast I can't believe it. What a sweetie:)