Wednesday, April 14, 2010


First of all thank you guys so so SO much for all your sweet comments on Parker's birthday, I had lots of fun planning it and used for lots of inspiration, also is where I buy all of my party supplies, I have used them every time since Layton's first birthday and am always so pleased with their stuff.

Anyway, thanks again. Your comments mean a lot to me, I get so sad when people can't come to the parties I throw. Most the time I understand... sometimes I don't :)

Now onto the topic at hand. The super cute blog sherbert blosom is doing a giveaway from this super cute store called farmhouse wares. Just so you know (hint, hint honey :) I would LOVE pretty much anything from here... for mothers day, birthday, just cause you love me... or a gift certificate would do just fine :)

a few favorites...