Monday, April 12, 2010

Parker's Construction Birthday Party!

Just so you know, there are about a Million pictures in this post... :)

Saturday we had Parker's 2nd birthday party! I had lots of fun planning and throwing this party for him. Parker loves anything construction so it was a fun theme to go with.

(the invitation)

- the welcome sign for our party guests! (he didn't stand at it the whole time :)

- The whole concept was that the guests were hired onto Parker's construction crew. So we had these cute little lunch boxes that the guests filled with their sack lunch...

- chips...
-peanut butter and jelly or ham and cheese sandwiches...

-water and an apple...

- each guest got a hard hat and stickers to decorate it with. plus a ... blower? (not sure what to call them:)

- his dump truck cake (I made it!)

-the cones were the candles

- the big orange cones were drinking cups

-the crew, hard at work :)

- I made everyone wear a hard hat... isn't my grandma cute :)

- I laid out blankets to eat their lunches on

- the birthday boy!
- isn't he the cutest?

-We had a bulldozer pinata
- the kids were super excited to take their turn

-Parker was super excited to find all the treats and put them in his lunch box

- everyone helped Parker blow out his candles with their blowers

- still working...
- opening presents, he was so spoiled :)

-one card had a $20 dollar bill in it and he saw it and hurried and put it in his pocket :)

-his gift from Lance and I

-and there never was a happier birthday boy!!!


Penny said...

Wow. I think you missed your calling in life. You are the next Martha Stewart or at the least Fillmore's Party Planner. I want to be one of your kids. Who did the cake? It was great!

Dani said...

Awesome party! It's absolutely adorable! You always come up with the best ideas! The cake was awesome and all the favors and decorations! What a great party!

morgan said...

I'm blown away! You are so amazing! What a freaking cute birthday theme too! I loved every single detail! Did you make the cake on top of everything else? It was so cute!

The Hafens said...

That turned out awesome!! Good job on cake!! I love planning birthday party there so fun!!

Crazy Eights said...

Such a cute party. My kids loved being there. Thank you for all your hard work.

sarahblad said...

You are amazing! Great job on that cake

Lori said...

Wow Sally you throw an awesome b-day party. My kids are lucky just to get some presents and cake LOL. I think you should go into business planning partys. Great Job!!!