Friday, April 16, 2010

Oh my goodness, I am so far behind...

Wow! I really forgot about how far behind I was, I was about to post some Easter stuff and saw these pictures and realized I never posted about our California trip.
So here goes :)

We went to California the first of March for my sister's newest baby's blessing. The kids did A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.!!!
Our only stop on the whole 9 hour drive, was in Vegas at the Bass Pro Shop. We just went in and let the kids wander around and see all the neat stuff they have in there, I hadn't ever been either and it really was super fun.

Parker loved it, if you can't tell :)

Poor Layton was really sick with croup, he had just been in to the doctor getting some inhaled steroid treatments that morning. So he wasn't as spunky as usual, but he still enjoyed it.
After we wandered around for about and hour, we sat down in the parking lot and had some yummy lunch that my cute sister-in-law Nancy had packed for us. The we got back on the road again and got to our hotel at about 10 that night.
Yay for us! This is one reason why I am a little torn about having more kids right now, we are finally getting to the point where we can DO things...


morgan said...

I'm super impressed that your kids did that good! Brielle can't even make the hour drive to Fillmore! That's to bad about Layton...What a trooper! And that lion is scary!

Dani said...

I'd agree, it would be nice to have the kids participate when we go do things, but I don't let them hold me back anyway. Sometimes the result is ultrastress but a lot of the time, they surprise me and are so good! Like going to my nieces graduation! Three separate ceremonies, all an hour long, and both my kids were so good! It was a great trip! :D All I think is that whenever I have a third, I hope it's another good baby that I'll be able to pull this off with too. :)

Penny said...

It is kinda nice just having two. At first I was devastated that my kids were growing up and leaving me but it is so much easier (and cheaper) on trips and things like that.