Tuesday, August 31, 2010

1st day of Preschool...

Today was Layton's first day of preschool!

He has been feeling pretty anxious about it for the last few weeks, but last night was a little Back to School party for him to meet Miss Christy, and to see the classroom. He loved it, and we could barely tear him away!

This morning he was so excited and could hardly wait to go back!

We let him go choose out his own backpack, to help him get excited about going to school. He has been so proud of his choice, and shows it to anyone who comes to our house. :)

When we got there, he took off RUNNING to get into the classroom.

We love Miss Christy!

Writing his name...

His special backpack hook...

When I came to pick him up they all came walking out together... talk about pulling at my heartstrings, look how cute he is :)

He came running over and was so excited to tell me all about his fun morning!

Miss Christy said that he did great. I am so proud of this little guy, I love you Layton!


morgan said...

i am dreading the day i send brielle to school. i'm sure i'll be crying hysterically! he is such a cute little boy! i'm glad he had such a good time!