Monday, August 16, 2010

Lake Powell {again!}...

Wow! Another trip to Lake Powell, another wonderful week. Lake Powell is no doubt one of my favorite places on earth. We went with my whole family this time on my parents house boat. The boys of course loved it and had a blast, but Lance and I might have had even more fun than they did!

Isaac, Austin, and Layton paddled the kayak all over our little bay.

Then went for a ride on the banana. It even tipped them off into the water, and Layton was totally fine with it.

The kids hiked all around.

Lance hiked all the way to the top of "hole in the rock" with Parker on his shoulders! Umm, it is about a mile each way, and straight up over rocks. I can't believe they went clear to the top. (along with my brother and his family). It really is an amazing story how the pioneers came down it in wagons!

Nothing better than riding in the front of the boat! (Parker, Isaac, Layton, and Devin)

Cute Layton, having a blast!

Lance, Katie, Brooker's, Nana, and Parker watching people jump of the top of the houseboat.

Everyone getting ready for knee-boarding. The wave runner's key has a whistle on it, Layton thinks he should blow it constantly. :)