Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lake Powell {again!} part 2...

Parker and Brooker's played and played in the gorgeous red sand.

My parent's sweet house boat!

Lance took Parker on a little ride in the Kayak.

Layton's first time catching a fish!

The whole crew, fishing after dinner.

Jumping on the air mattress was a highlight for the boys (funny, because we could have done that at home :)

Layton was a total fish, this was the first time that he was totally comfortable getting in and out by himself and just swimming around as he pleases (it helps that the water felt like a bathtub, 85 degrees!) Parker liked it, but wanted to stay holding on to someone always.

Thew boys each did something brave, and were totally proud of themselves!


Penny said...

I loved all your pictures. I grew up in St. George and have never been to Lake Powell once. You make me want to go.

Fowkes said...

This brings back so many memories of when we went to Lake Powell with your family! I too love that place! You got such cute pics of your boys!

Chad and Mackenzie said...

Your boys were so brave...it's so nice when they try something new and realize that they really do love it.