Sunday, August 22, 2010

Layton's first water skiing !!!

Our friends took us over to the Res in Delta yesterday. They had this awesome little water ski for kids, and Layton decided to try it.

Lance helped him start from the shallow water, and he got right up and we took him in a big circle and dropped him back off to Lance.

He rode for about 5 min, I was so worried he was going to let go or fall and be out there all by him self. But he hung on tight and did so great.

Yay Layton!!!

The first of the video is hard to see because of the sun, but after a second we turn and you can see it better.

and the get off... he didn't even get his hair wet!!!


Chad and Mackenzie said...

Wow, what a great achievement! I still have issues getting up; I could use one of those in my size;)

Dani said...

:D That's so cool! What a cool kid!