Friday, August 13, 2010

Pioneer Day!

I love Pioneer Day in Flowell!

We started out with the kids parade...

Layton rode his little 4-wheeler (and loved it!)
Parker was not feeling well, so he laid by us and took a nap (his 4-wheeler stayed in the truck :)

I was judging the cooking contest (super yummy and fun!) So I missed watching the boys do lots of the games, but when I came out they were here, watching the dunking machine.

Haha, nothing like making them stare straight into the sun! :)

Parker perked up after his nap and snow cone. This kid loves the water!

This is the point where my big camera's batteries died and I had to start using my little one (horrific, I know! :)
Layton, played on the slip-n-slide.
Another snow cone for the poor little guy...

Then dinner (where Parker threw up all over me.. and the table... in a very crowded pavilion), a little program, and the best part... a Movie on the lawn (ice age 3).

Like I said, I love this small town!
Happy late pioneer day ya'll !!! :)


morgan said...

I've been waiting for a new post! :) Very cute pictures..I remember when we lived in Flowell we went to the 24th celebration! So fun!

Dani said...

How fun! The 24th is so fun in Fillmore! We should have gone down there. :D