Tuesday, October 26, 2010

camping... {part 2}

After our horse ride we headed back to our camp. While I got the trailer set up and started to get dinner ready, Lance helped the boys fish.

Layton waited and waited...

Parker wasn't as patient, he only lasted a few minuets...

There was no luck with the fish, so the boys and I picked out a fire ring and table and got the fire going, while Lance fed and put away the horses for the night.

I wanted to eat real camping food, so we had hot dogs with crescent roll dough around them instead of a bun. I thought they were really good, I have actually been craving them :) But I know hot dogs aren't for everyone... luckily Lance isn't picky at all!

The boys were more excited about eating cold hot dogs, and smores :)

and of course, picking all the leaves off the bushes around us, and throwing them in the fire...

I know I have said it before... but smores with nutella = HEAVEN!!!

We cleaned up and went to the trailer for baths and bed time. Lance is such a great daddy and husband, I couldn't ask for anything better!

While on our horse ride we had seen a few of our cows coming down the mountain and Lance was worried about them. So the next morning my dad came up to help herd them down.

The boys will have fun no matter whats going on. As long as there are rocks and a creek... they're good :)

The boys rode with, while I followed in the truck. Until it got a little too intense for the boys to be riding along. So I took them back down to the trailer to get everything cleaned up.

The night before we had left their fishing poles in the water, and when I went to get them out. Layton had a fish. He was crazy excited about it...
We had to put it on a plate and bring it home to show Lance...

I drove the truck and trailer back home (it had turned into lots of cows for my dad and lance to herd down) Layton carried that fish on his lap the whole way home.

This was pure happiness, it is always hard to make the time to do this stuff. But we never regret it once we're there!!!


Chad and Mackenzie said...

That's so hilarious that there was a fish on Layton's pole! So true though about making the time (and organizing all the stuff), it's always worth the time spent together. What a cute family!