Monday, October 25, 2010

Camping...{part 1}

A few weekends ago we went on a little camping trip. We hadn't done anything with just our little family all summer, so I was excited to go.

We decided to pull the camp trailer and the horse trailer up so we could go on a ride. So we got the camp trailer parked and headed up the canyon a little more for a horse ride.

The boys were really excited. Lance gives them rides around the farm often, but we don't ever go a real rides.

They were really brave and cute about everything, every time we crossed the creek they about died of excitement :) After awhile we stopped for lunch.

This was Layton's attempt at a picture of us...

and this was Parker's... haha bless them for trying!

They spent most of our lunch break running around, climbing rocks, and throwing sticks in the creek.

Then we packed up and headed back to camp...

I'm nowhere near the horseman that Lance is, so I was a little nervous about going on such a big ride. But I'm so glad that we did it, the boys had a great time and I loved watching them take it all in!


Penny said...

I am so scared of horses but you made that trip seem like so much fun that I am jealous.

Trimbles said...

Seeing posts like this make me so so sad we dont live in Fillmore. I would LOVE to take the kids up the mountain, and camping? They've never ONCE been (excluding powell, which doesnt really count.) They dont know what a camp fire is... Makes me want to cry. I dont know where this crazy life I chose will take us, but Im super jealous right now.