Friday, March 2, 2012

Cali trip - Day 5 Seaworld!

On the 5th day of our California trip we went down to San Diego to Seaworld! The boys were really excited for it, and couldn't wait to see everything.

When we first got there the trainers were feeding and playing with the dolphins, that was then first thing the boys saw and they could have watched it forever.

They have several indoor aquariums too, I think this one was Beluga Whales

The Shamu show with the killer whales was really neat, they boys loved it!

These are the darling Broderick and Alder girls that were on the trip with us :)

Their very favorite show was the sea otter and sea lion show, the boys thought the tiny little sea otter was the funniest thing they had ever seen :)

They have a Skyride that is a lot like a ski lift, but it takes you out over the ocean quite a ways and then brings you back, this is just about the only picture of our family all together, so of course I had to buy it :)

We loved our day at Seaworld, I could have done with the extreme number of seagulls swarming everywhere at lunch time though! I saw one swoop down and steal a lady's burger right off her tray while she was walking to her table! Besides that though, it was a perfect day that I hope the boys remember forever :)