Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Valentines Day 2012

I have been pretty sick with this pregnancy so we had a bit of a low key Valentines Day this year :(

The boys still had a good time, I think probably I was the only one who noticed or cared about a few missing traditions!

Layton's valentines were a toy airplane and fruit snacks

Parker's valentines were, what he calls a "pop up monster" and fruit snacks

Lance wasn't home so we waited until evening to do our valentines presents.
Layton's on the left, Lance's in the middle, Parker's on the right, and the beautiful roses were mine from Lance!


Layton, opening his presents :)

The high school does a fundraiser where they make these huge sugar cookies with a message on them, so I got one for each of the boys (Lance too :).

Layton got, his cookie, new (badly needed) rainboots, pajamas, a spiderman DVD, 2 small toys, and a sucker!

Parker, opening hi presents...

Parker got the same things as Layton, but got the Rio dvd instead :)

I love these boys with all my heart. I love having these memories with them, and I love that on Valentines I get to say "Yes, these things are from Mom and Dad!" Its nice to get some credit sometime :)