Thursday, March 8, 2012

Glow painting...

I found this idea on pinterest that if you mix fluorescent paint with shaving cream (in a muffin tin), and then shine a black light. Tadaa, you have glow in the dark bath paint! This is the paint I got and it is amazing! I didn't have a black light, but I figured I would use it again, so I ordered one from amazon. Both places did free 2 day shipping, so along with some shaving cream from duanes we were ready :)

The boys (and I) thought it was really cool and they played in the tub with it forever. When they were done, I just gave them a cup to rinse off the walls and everything came clean no problem. Plus, we have a ton left, they could probably do this 20 more times before we run out of paint.

Things like this are a bit of a hassle, but I love giving them these new experiences. They had a blast!


sarahblad said...

awesome we are so going to have to try this!