Thursday, March 1, 2012

Cali trip - Day 6 The Beach!!!

We spent the night in San Diego and woke up the next day to go to the beach! It was about 75 degrees, but a little windy so I was kind of chilly. But a chilly day at the beach is better than any day back home right :)

The boys didn't care at all, as soon as we put our stuff down the boys ran right to the water and played and played.

Lance tryed out surfing with our friend Thomas :)

Ahhhh, I love the beach so much!

We left around 2, by then the boys and Lance were freezing cold from playing in the water. We had our hotel reserved for another night, but after going back and showering we decided to head home, rather than waste a day just hanging out with nothing planned. It was really nice, we ate before we left and had the boys in jammies so we just had to stop once for a potty break. Then the boys fell asleep and it was smooth sailing clear home. I am so grateful for the chance to go on this trip. I hope I can remember it forever!!!


Trimbles said...

Ahhh.... I miss Cali so much. But then I think I say that about everywhere I've lived. I have a problem with nostalgia. :)