Sunday, March 4, 2012

Cali trip - Days 1,2,3 Disneyland!!!

At the end of January we went on a trip to California for the week with our good friends the Brodericks, and the Alders. We had such a great time! We wanted to get a Disneyland trip in before the baby comes and January is the very best time to go. We never waited in a line for more than 15 minutes, and the weather was a perfect 65-70 degrees the whole time.
The boys had such a great time, I love this age they are at. They are big enough for most rides and willing to go on them all, but small enough to really love it and have fun with us.

We are finally here!
 First ride we went on, Pirates of the Caribbean.

 I really wanted them get cute Mickey hats, but they wanted these big Mickey hands... They won, but they did love them and wear them pretty much the whole trip :)

 One of their very favorite rides was the kids roller coaster in Toon Town. They are in the front in the white shirts (and Lance is behind them in the gray shirt) Layton would keep his hands up the whole time, Parker would wait until the end and then put his hands up with Layton. There was no line for this so they went on it about 5 times in a row :)
 They were very very daring and went on rides that were really fast and scary. This first picture is of the Tower of Terror, the next one is of space mountain.
After the tower of terror I expected them to be scared but Parker said "That was just perfect" and Layton said "I loved it" :) They had about the same reaction after space mountain, which was pretty darn intense even for me in my old age!
 Of course Buzz Lightyear is always a favorite
 The train ride around the park, which I thought was nice and the kids liked. But Lance said he was never wasting his time on it again :)
 waiting in line
 This is Parker, looking out the window of the Finding Nemo submarine. I have no idea how they make these rides at Disneyland, it is so amazing to see!

 Another favorite one is the Toy Story ride in California adventure!
 Of course the Parades and light shows were amazing as always
It was a super packed and fun filled three days in Disney, we loved every second of it and slept very well every night :)


Lori said...

I want to go back so bad!!! I am so glad that we could all go together. FUN trip!

Trimbles said...

WHAT! How can Lance not like the Train? There's dinosaurs... Sometimes you just need a minute to sit and rest ur feet after a day at Disney. The Train is the BEST way to do that. Looks like you had lots of fun.