Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Snow snow snow!

In February it snowed... I was sick but I got out of bed to take pictures because I assumed it would be our last snow storm of the year... I was wrong, it is snowing right now, and has snowed 4 or 5 times since this. :)

The boys left their ranger in the driveway, and came out to it covered in 8 inches of snow and stuck. Lance helped them get it cleaned off and put away though :)

Layton is actually a really hard little worker, he shoveled and shoveled.

Parker works hard for about 5 minutes, and then spends the rest of his time playing :)

Layton did join him after it was all shoveled though :)

Alright, I am so grateful for the moisture. And nothing makes Lance and my Dad happier than seeing all the snow on the mountain, because that means good grass and full ponds for the cows while they're up there this summer. But, I am ready for spring. This weekend it is supposed to be back up to 60 degrees, so I guess I'll take what I can get! :)