Wednesday, November 12, 2008


We finally got into the Dr. to have the boys 6 month and 2 year check ups. The whole family got shots, Parker got 4, Layton got 3, and Lance and I both got our flu shot. It hurt! I feel so bad doing that to my babies.
But, the good news is that they are both growing and very healthy. Here are the stats:

weight is 18 lbs 9 ozs. 54%
length is 28 1/2 inches 89%
head is 17.3 inches 38%

weight is 27 lbs 5 ozs 40%
length is 35 inches 60%
head is 18.7 inches 19%

Good news all around, I have been worried about Layton's weight. He was in the 14% at the last check up. So we are happy to have him back in the average. Layton's height is evening out, he was in the 85% for a long time. And as usual very small head, just like daddy.

Parker is still very tall for his age, and is wearing 12-18 month size clothes so that his little arms and legs don't poke out. He seems so chubby but his weight is exactly average. and his head is the same as usual, just a little smaller than average.
We are so blessed to have such healthy beautiful boys!