Monday, November 10, 2008

Love and Logic

I had several people ask me about the Love and Logic. This is the book that I got, it is geared to 6 years old and younger, the other books are the same concept this one just helps you translate that to younger kids.
We really love it and it is working very well, even if your kids don't have any behavior problems (maybe you should be writing your own book) I think it is helpful in building self esteem and laying a good foundation for them as teenagers.
I hope that we can continue following through with it all, I know that when we do Layton such a joy to be around.
I hope this helps everyone. I bought the book from by the way.


Mudrows said...

My mom is a big fan of this book and she has EIGHT kids so, yeah I'm a big fan of Love and Logic!

Colledge Family said...

Hey we never got to see you on Halloween. I wanted to come over and see the kids, but we took Katie to Scipio and she was so tired, but we made her go to my family in Meadow! So do you have any plans to come up this way anytime in the near future? We should really get together and call Sarah and Casey too so the kids can play. Let me know cause I know there's gonna be some christmas shopping soon!!