Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Potty Time!!!

We are potty training Layton right now. He is doing SO SO well, I started with everything, thinking that he would just take time to get used to it but, he loves it and goes all day long. He will just disappear and come back in without his undies on and tell me "CANDY!" the first time he did that I said "no, you can't have any candy until you go pee pee on the potty" he took me in, and sure enough. There it was, in the potty! He sometimes asks me to come in with him, but for the most part he just goes by himself. We had to get different potty candy because he was going to many times a day, I was worried about all the sugar. So now he gets an M&M when he goes, but that is still good enough for him and he is very proud and excited about it. He asked to go potty in the middle of the assembly Lance did, and I told him I couldn't take him and to just go in his diaper and he freaked out, and I had to take him out anyway because he was throwing a fit. I hope he keeps doing so well.

I am sure he will die when he is older but I had to show a picture, he is so cute in his little boxer briefs. He loves his "undies"

I got this potty more for traveling, but he loves it and has to have it up on the stool to go in it.

It isn't all about candy, although that is probably his #1 motivator. He also puts stickers on his chart, and gets excited to put them on.


Trimbles said...

Im glad he's doing so well with it! I love the pic of him in his undies and sippy and his HAT of course!!!

sarahblad said...

yeah! thats great that it is going so good! I need to get Dakota started.

Tiffany Bindel said...

You are so sweet to comment on my blog! Lucky you that your boy is potty training... I am jealous! Well, I WISH that I could use the Pampers, because you are right they come in a 7, but it is the weirdest thing... he is allergic to them. I used the Swaddlers until he outgrew them, then I switched to the Costco Diapers. Loved them, and when I tried going to the Cruisers, he broke out in a huge rash. A couple of my other friends said the same thing happened. Thanks though! I am sure I will get to meet you at Suzette's shower :)

Colledge Family said...

Oh I wish Katie was doing that well on potty training! She does pretty good, but just loves those diapers...I need to come up with a new solution! Sorry I didn't answer when you called today-I was in class and called you later, but you didn't answer. Give me a call sometime or I will call you!