Tuesday, November 18, 2008

D. A. R. E.

Lance was asked to be the speaker at the high school's Red Ribbon Week, DARE assembly. He asked his rodeo coach from college Lewis Field, to come and speak with him. He was nervous and doesn't feel like he is a very good example to be speaking to kids. But, he did great and the kids seemed like they really enjoyed it. I do have a video of it but I can't get it to work on the blog, I am sure that it is just me, because no one else seems to have problems. Anyway, good job honey and thanks again Lewis for coming down.


Trimbles said...

YEAH!!! Dad told me he was going to speak, I want to see the video. Sometimes when I cant get the blogger video thing to work, I put it on youtube and then embed it. Im excited to hear about it though. And I think he's a PERFECT example to be talking to kids. Are you kidding? He talks from experience... its the truest kind. We love Lance :)