Saturday, November 1, 2008


We had such a fun Halloween day.

First thing in the morning, in their Halloween Jammies. Parker was not impressed with getting pictures taken so early.

They wore these super cute hoodies for the day around town. We did errands and went to playgroup and everyone loved them.

Our ward did a trunk-or-treat, which I loved. It is so nice to have everyone all together. Fun for the parents too, we got to see our friends and have a fun night. Plus, very safe!

Layton was so excited about getting candy, he never gets it at home. Only suckers at the bank (he loves going to the bank), so he couldn't believe people were just GIVING it to him. After every single car he would stop and want to eat the candy right there. Pretty slow process.
Parker was happy and had fun, everyone loved him. Cutest batman ever.
The bowl of candy I left on our porch was completely empty when we got home, I know for sure there weren't that many trick-or-treaters. I hope whoever took it feels good about themselves today. I guess they are only kids, plus they are all hopped up on sugar. What can you expect?


Keiauni said...

Look who I just found! I can't believe you have another baby boy!

It was cool to see some pictures of your cute little fam:)

Dani and Jimmy said...

Cute kids! We had a nice night too, but I'm waiting till next year to go trick-or-treating with Jameson. It was still fun, but I forgot to take pictures of Jimmy and I in costume! Horrible! Oh well- Jimmy's work took a picture of him at least. He was a gorgeous witch!

Trimbles said...

Mom said thier pajamas glowed in teh dark :) Did Layton just love that?