Wednesday, November 5, 2008

President Obama?

Wow, big day for the USA. To quote Obama's acceptance speech: "I may not have won your vote today, but I hear your cries, and I am your president"

Very true, No you did not win my vote. But I feel like it is so important for our country to be unified and I am doing everything I can to listen to, and understand the views of the new President. I want to try my hardest to support him and help toward the effort of becoming a united country rather than a country that is split. I wish that everyone would have given President Bush this same consideration, and because of that. I am trying.


LornaJayne Adams said...


You have a great perspective on Obama. I totally agree about needing to be united regardless of wanting him in or not.

What a great blogger you are! Way to are inspiring me to be more consistent.

Trimbles said...

You are a good woman. CT said something similar. I personally am feeling indifferent and like we just need to cruise control through these next four years until we can find someone acceptable. Or maybe Romney will try again.

Dani and Jimmy said...

That is a great perspective! Thanks! I was worried, but I think things will just have to work out. And yes, giving him the benefit of the doubt is much better. Thanks for the blog!