Monday, December 8, 2008

The Adventures of Layton and Tanner

Lance has been working out of town for the last month and just can come home on Sundays, he is working kind of close to where his brother Devin lives and sometimes stays with them for the night. So anyway, the boys and I went to visit Devin and Ashley for a few days so we could see Lance in the evenings. It was so nice to see Lance, and Layton loves to play with his cousins Sidney and Tanner.
Layton and Tanner are just 6 weeks apart and get along really well. We were in Gunnies shopping and Layton disappeared and came back with this stick horse and a pink cowboy hat. He found Tanner and they ran off together and Tanner came back with his own horse and pink cowboy hat. They played nonstop and were SO sad to have to leave their horses and hats behind.

Later, playing at Devin and Ashley's Layton and Tanner decided to hide in this little cubby together.

Aren't they so funny?


Kim and Rio said...

They are so stinkin cute! I am so glad that they get along so well. That will be fun for them growing up together!!