Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Make Muffins?

Yesterday Layton was taking a late nap so at 4 I started trying to wake him up. He was so so sleepy and just wouldn't wake up. I kept saying "its time to wake up" and he would groan "noooo" and roll over and fall right back asleep. We did this for an HOUR! Then at 5, he rolled over, opened his eyes and asked "make muffins?" suddenly not sleepy at all. So we made muffins, anything to wake him up, right?

Layton loves any dough or batter, I don't know where he gets that from.

Pay no attention to his messy hair, remember that this is after a nap :)


GMA JO JO said...

How adorable. Your babies are getting so big. Grandma Jerri ALWAYS use to eat the batter from ANYTHING (cookie dough, cakes, even raw MEAT LOAF!!). Anyway, hope you all are well and hope to see you soon. Aunt Jo