Wednesday, December 31, 2008


My sister Suzie had her twin babies yesterday. She wasn't due until February 5th, (so they are about 5 weeks early) but had a few minor issues and they decided the babies were better out than in! No final names yet and also no pictures (ahem, Suzie :) but the babies were 5 lbs 3 ozs, and 5 lbs even. A boy and a girl and basically very healthy. There are a few problems but nothing they won't grow out of and be able to come home just a few days after mommy! Suzie is also doing well, she had to have a C-Section but is recovering great and I am sure is growing impatient to get home.We are SO SO excited for CT and Suzie. And can't wait to meet the new additions!


Matt and Jamie Broderick said...

That is so exciting about Suzie!!! You will have to post pictures and stats when you get them. I just updated myself on your blog, and I just want to tell you that you are such a good mom! It is so cute to see your everyday stuff. Adoreable family- tell your mom that the pictures on her walls were exquisite!!! Ha ha!