Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sagers Christmas Party

Last Saturday was Lance's, Dad's, side of the family's Christmas party. They haven't ever done one before and really don't have family reunions so it was good to see everybody. We missed those who couldn't make it.

I have been working hard at getting Layton to love Santa. Last year he screamed every time he saw him so I wanted a more positive experience this year. He has been watching Santa movies, reading Santa books, and he asks all the time "Santa bring present? Me good boy" it is the cutest. So when Santa walked in he was excited and ran up to the front to see him, but there were about 30 kids and they went up in the order that Santa pulled their present from his bag, and as luck would have it Layton was almost last. So he sat it the front and watched all the kids scream and cry on Santa's lap. Lance was with him and was trying to explain that Santa isn't scary but who would believe that when all the kids are crying?
Parker cried on his turn but he would have if I had handed him to anyone, he wasn't feeling well.

Layton was very nervous and so Lance sat on his lap with him.

Of course we had to get a family picture with Santa.


Mudrows said...

Love the pictures with Santa! I don't blame them a bit for being scared I was until I was 12. I LOVE your hair Sally! Way cute!

Julie and KC said...

That's too bad Parker wasn't feeling very well. Kyla was feeling sick herself either. It was fun to see everyone. I'm glad they started this tradition.

Also,I was wondering if you would email me a copy of the group picture with everyone in it. I don't think anyone in KC's family has it.

Trimbles said...

Poor thing, had he gone first he might have been ok... Im glad you had fun :) I dont think we are putting up Christmas lights on the house either... I have lights, I just cant figure it out... The front of the house is covered by a banana tree and CT has been too busy with finals. Maybe now that he's done I can convince him we need to do SOMETHING!