Friday, December 26, 2008

Rush Valley Christmas and... Santa (again) :)

On the 23rd we went to Lance's parents and had a nice dinner and then opened up presents. The whole family was out and it was so good to spend time together and to see everybody. The kids had a so much fun playing together with all their new toys. All three boys got a dump truck like this from Aunt Ashley and Uncle Devin and they really loved them.

On Christmas Eve morning we let the kids play a little more and then headed to Lance's grandparents house for the annual Christmas party. Again it was nice to see the extended family and the kids had a great time. Santa always visits and Parker was asleep when he came. We woke him up, thinking it would be good for the drive home, but Parker, the worlds lightest sleeper would not wake up. He opened his eyes when Lance handed him to Santa but went right back to sleep (they have seen him so many times, he probably thinks he is just another family member by now) but it was cute, and we got the picture.

Layton is getting used to him also and although he was still a little nervous, he was able to tell Santa that he wanted a horse with reigns for Christmas. Hey, no crying at least.

Thanks everyone for your effort and of course, for the gifts.


Trimbles said...

Im sure next year Layton will be all about Santa--no fears :)