Friday, December 19, 2008

Ward Christmas Party

Our ward Christmas Party was on Wednesday and Lance was gone of course, but I needed to go to help lead the primary songs. It went better than expected. I was worried about the dinner part mostly and not having Lance's help getting all the plates but it went great and both boys were really happy the whole time. When Santa came Layton said he did not want to go sit in his lap, but I said maybe we should stand in line anyway. So when it was our turn Layton stood next to Santa and said that he wanted a motorcycle very quietly (ummm, he isn't getting a motorcycle for Christmas, oops!) then Mrs. Clause said come sit on my lap, and he climbed right up and Parker sat there with him and no one cried!
Layton was really excited to open up the present and "helped" Parker open his also.

So, it was a fun night. I'm glad that I went.


Colledge Family said...

Hey! So was the santa at your party Drew Rassmussen?? He is the "real" santa! I hated santa all growing up cause at every ward party he was the santa and I was convinced that he was the real santa and to this day when I see him it spooks me a little!! hee hee